Simply me…!

This is my first blog post, & as the title suggests this is about me and I wanna share some of my thoughts.
I am quite a normal girl with a tinge of weirdness. Now at times that makes me wonder because mostly it turns out that I am just the right amount of weird but sometimes I feel as if I am crazy! But that is okay..coz I like the way i am! Precisely speaking “Main apni favourite hoon!” 

Anyways, I am the kind of person who is definitely not in the favor of leading a monotonous life. Of course, no one loves problems in their lives but I believe that without them it just won’t feel like LIFE!! You gotta admit that it is an awesome feeling when you overcome your problems or achieve something you’ve desired for long..! Sometimes you need those tears to remind you how precious and priceless that smile is..:)

At times in life, I love to take a pause all the thoughts in my mind and frankly speaking i “think” a lot..! Thus, the break becomes a necessity sometimes..So i usually reach for my earphones and head to my terrace. And then its just the melodious tunes pouring into my ears, trying to clear the thoughts in my mind and I begin to observe everything around me.
Nature has its own way of expressing its happiness..& when it does, everything just seems BEAUTIFUL!
Like the amazing wind which makes an entire tree dance with joy..the raindrop which makes a leaf proud of its beauty..the awesome sunset making the floating clouds adorable..!
The gloomy dusk when sun bids goodbye and with a sweet smile the moon arrives..sometimes crescent, sometimes complete spreading the milky moonlight..the time when birds flock back to their nests, dotting the sky with different patterns and sometimes that mind blowing breeze that ruffles through my hair & makes me realize…yeah!! Life is beautiful……

And after feeling all this there is an instantaneous smile on my face…& i become ready to move on……



  1. super duper like……:):)bdw u really observe nature so deeply…the birds n water drops…n watevr u mentioned here….???chal jo b hai….u hv gr8 writing skills or odr way round lots of vella tym….heheheheHATS OFF!!!!!

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