Being Human..

Small things often make life so beautiful reminding you that its not a complicated web of problems after all..!! A 20 min nap in the bus refreshes you and vanishes your tiredness, a 10 min talk with your best friend with whom you can just talk about anything, about whatever you feel renders you happiness…the adorable smile which an innocent baby returns when you smile at him and the satisfaction you get when you think you are doing something right in your life..
It is so moment its all so simple..everything falls into place like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and suddenly in another moment it becomes all haphazard..!

For us, socialization is a very important factor affecting our life as people around us matter a lot.Talking of people, Homo sapiens across the world are available in so many varieties that it is almost impossible to put them into categories. But still sometimes you ought to trust yourself being worthy to at least try doing so. 

Apart from the varied physical appearances (which actually does not matter much) every individual has a different & a unique psychology, which is a very intricate and interesting topic indeed..!! What surprises me the most is the way we handle every individual around us.For some, we are open books, some people can never understand us, some can never be understood, & in case of some we don’t even try to understand.. 

No matter what is the status of a person in our life, every individual with whom we interact plays a role in our life in some way or the other. Among these people, there are ones who always inspire us, motivate us, show their faith in us..our mentors…our parents and teachers..! Then, there are the ones we can talk to, who can understand us well, can be trusted & with whom we share our thoughts..a friend..a companion! And then a few lucky people meet that someone..that special ONE!! Though I consider “the ONE” story as something which does not happens so often in reality..but sometimes it is just amusing to let yourself be in that fantasy world where “the ONE” exists..!  

Our amazing journey revolves around these people…who make our lives easier and simpler.. providing a new experience on every turn..the happy ones give us motivation while the sad ones make us strong..! And of course, the search for the special ONE is always on..;)

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