You know what is the best part of your life? Every moment of it..Right from the naughty and playful childhood days when school was something you wanted to miss, holidays were like heaven with holiday homework seeming to be a punishment..to the days when we leave school which then seems so dear..so lovely!!

And then College..that teenage life…friends to die for, crushes, love to live for..and then the realization that you are grown up now. Suddenly, you become aware that you need to be something, have your own identity..!!!

And during all these times..you have those wonderful people around you that become a part of your little world..your FRIENDS!

Frankly speaking I never understood “friendship” for a long time..for me it was just some sort of companionship..but some very special people made me realise its much more than that..its precious! And those are the people whom I love, I trust, with them I can just be myself, for them I am an open book..and to them I dedicate this post..! 

Its for all those who keep on telling me “You are mad!” when i do something wrong..
who say..”why the hell do u think so much idiot!?!” when I bug them with my stupid thoughts..
who say “one more tear and I will kill you” when i cry..
who tell me “love your smile”  to cheer me up…
And for all those whom I trust to be always there for me!!

For them I am predictable enough and they are for me…yet there are always so many surprises awaiting us……………

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