Silence speaks…!!

Those unsaid words..those unexpressed heart racing when you look straight into my eyes..i want to feel it all..

I imagine you there..we are with each other and I feel a strong series of emotions wondering what you are thinking at that moment..feeling as if you caught me red handed when you look at me and i was already staring at you..and the very next moment its as if your eyes are figuring me out. Then, for once..u got me…the real me! I just wish time could stop at that very that i can live it…a little longer..
I wake up then..the dream is over!

And one day I actually got to live that moment..When we were by each other’s side..
I wanted to keep talking..yet I preferred silence..
I wanted to listen to you..yet you offered silence..

Some people say that silence speaks more than words but at that moment anxiety was so much that I was unable to hear those words.I felt weird and  I wished that time should fly away instead of stopping because i felt uneasy..
And then it was over…the real one!

Nothing but silence prevailed between us. It sort of connected us..! Then after a while, it became a sweet memory..! 
And I wish for that moment again…the real one..!!!


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