‘BAk BAk’ theory of being happy…:D

I really have many shades..Sometimes I am an innocent child, a sensible friend, helping & caring sister, and a responsible daughter…
but at times I act as a stupid & spoiled child, an idiotic friend ,a mean sister and a reckless daughter….

There’s nothing special or unique about it. Everyone plays a number of roles in their lives. Neither the joy of being good and responsible is everlasting…nor is the guilt of being imprudent..!

What actually matters is how you see your life..how you eventually end up being happy irrespective of the mistakes you made coz you love to smile.. coz you love yourself..! 🙂 

I have my own ways of cheering myself up. Whenever I am very happy or very sad, I tend to talk (more often when i am happy! ). There are fairly less people with whom I share everything, but those who really know me..know about my ability to go on & on about absolutely anything. And when I do that…It feels so very light..!! 

Frankly speakin this helps me..a lot..!! Some people do not talk about what troubles them or what they desire. Though it very much depends from person to person, on their nature and attitude as to how much they want to share. But those who have never done it..to them I’ll say..at least try talking once..it really feels good!! 
All you need is the right person to share it with..;)


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