Unconditional love!!

“Health is Wealth” – a very common saying..!  But if you consider it practically, at times you tend to lose some of this wealth. Your system breaks down often, like when you have fever..sometimes as high as 102-103 degrees fahrenheit! You feel dizzy and weak..and generally, people don’t have any idea about what is happening around them. (There are some exceptions though..I’ve seen people working all fine in that condition and I just wonder how they manage to do it..!! )

I experienced all this some time back..and the only thing I remember is..I woke up after a nap..did not have much idea about what was going around..went to my mom’s room where she was sitting on her bed..doing some work. I went to her, rested my head in her lap and in a split second she left whatever she was doing. She asked me how I was feeling..if I wanted to have something..but I didnt reply..!

The very next moment I realised her fingers ruffling through my hair..her sweet voice singing a lullaby to me..and then I smiled..:)

That amazing sense of security..the assurance that she will always be there for me..in every possible difficulty and unexplainable happiness..! Her unconditional love and affection, which is so pure that even God bows to it..the satisfaction and joy of just being there with her..all seemed to heal me! 

And that precious moment made me feel like the luckiest kid on earth…..!


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