The sun has begin to bid an early “goodbye”, dusk & dawn have become a little chilly…signs of onset of one of my favorite seasons!! 

The cold which sends a tingle through your body and you cant help shivering..and at that time “coffee” and “tea” become your buddies, giving you a heaven like feeling!
And when you just stay outside in the night..the icy wind touching your face makes it so numb that you are unable to feel your nose after a while…! I don’t know why but I like this one the most..;)
Not to forget..the amazing feeling when you have an icecream…! 🙂

Foggy mornings..unwillingness to get out of my warm and snuggly quilt…kind of struggling to get ready..then sunlight brightening my day..welcoming me outside…the same sun that seemed scorching feeling soothing…and nights just getting a little longer..darker..and of course colder….!! I love it all..:)

Sunshine is delicious,rain is refreshing, wind braces you up, snow is exhilarating..!
Nature has the amazing capability of teaching us so many things! Of teaches us the importance of transitions in life. How boring and monotonous life would be if everyday you experience the same weather outside, for instance.  
“Changes” -they keep the spirit of living alive in us! And surprisingly, almost effortlessly we get accustomed to these changes..



  1. Totally agree with you! No matter how much we hate certain changes when they come in our lives, they open new windows of excitement in life. Without changes, our life would have been a clock whose battery has run out. Life would be a painting without any new colour in it!

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