What a world it was…!

How beautiful that tiny world was…where getting our share of chocolate was justice..and achievement of the day was to win a cricket match or a game of ludo! Promises were always meant to be kept…friends were a part of our soul..exams were the only hurdles..little fights turned our world upside down..and that mischievous smile was never far away….! 🙂

I miss that innocence..that wittiness..the cute smile which even the eyes reflected..! 
Life followed some simple rules…Good and Bad were so well defined.. Good was when you helped others..Bad was when you tried to cheat or lie…School & homework were the only big tasks for the day..a fixed routine followed automatically..time to eat, time to play, time to sleep..!

The rules have been modified..life has changed…a lot! Sometimes I wish I was a little kid again..when ignorance was justified..mistakes were easily forgiven and  worrying about my future wasn’t my responsibility at all..! Life was so simple back then…

There was a time when I wanted to grow up quickly..to do all that which I couldn’t being a kid..
Now, I miss those precious old days….


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