YES! He’s there…

No matter how messed up and critical things get..there is always a little undying hope which tells us that everything will be all right..It isn’t that bad as it seems…

But then, often it gets worse. Even though you’ve been really strong for a while.. at some point you get scared of the consequences..the present state and the possible outcomes…! Totally helpless and clueless!  Nothing seems to be in your hands anymore!

The omnipresent sacred soul then comes to your rescue..! Fully aware of the complexity of your situation you somehow tend to have faith in him..the belief that he’s there and he just might be gracious enough to bestow his blessings upon you, merciful enough to open the new doors when everything else seems impossible..! 

You might not be lucky enough to witness a miracle, but that little prayer can offer you what you need the most at that time..peace of mind enabling ability to think clearly and act, and most importantly a restoration of that faith!! 

I believe that anything wished with pure heart and good intentions has the power to come true…the belief that God will lead you there just makes the journey easy!  🙂

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