Music and Melody….

Songs merely meant lyrics to sing along before you explained me what music actually is!

When you played your guitar, feeling every note…When you sang along..feeling every word..I realised that music is something that touches not only your heart but even your soul!

Whenever I heard you singing I always thought I am not a music person..coz I could neither sing melodiously like you..nor could I play like you!

But still I could feel every song I listened to..the depth of every word..melody of every note…! I could appreciate its power..its amazing quality to help me think whenever I found myself strangled in any situation..making me cry whenever I tried to keep the sad feelings inside me and making me smile when I got an instant flashback of the happy moments..:)

Though I lack that natural talent, the fact that I can feel it makes me a music person too..! Even my name means ‘thematic line of a song!’..and that kind of explains how I can feel music so much!! πŸ˜‰

This post is dedicated to you buddy!..:)
Missing the infinite torcher you gave me..(when you kept playing one song so many times that I eventually began hating it!!)…our endless duets..(where I used to spoil all your awesome songs! :P) bugging me every once in a while for a song suggestion and the lovely sound of your guitar..(& you begging me to record it!)!
Hoping to listen to your songs very soon….:)


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