“Its White”- Paper,Snow,A Ghost?!?

I was watching FRIENDS, the episode when Joey was on a Game show, The Pyramid. He was given the clue..”Something white” and all he came up with was “Paper,snow,a ghost!”. 😀 😀

I couldn’t help but smile then. I always liked Joey’s character despite the fact that he was dumb, reason being he lived his life blissfully even though his world was limited.

We all desire for a world of possibilities, a world where we have oodles of choices..so that we are able to select the one which is best suited for us. We like to weigh all our options and go for the one which suits us in the best possible way.

But I feel, more the number of choices, more is the chaos and confusion. For someone like me who feels making a decision is no less than a herculean task, these choices create a havoc!! I feel like a jack of all trades, master of none!! And that is when I  wonder..How simple life would be if the choices offered were less! No complications..no confusion! U either have an A or B!

So, when I face any dilemma and I don’t know what to do..I  follow a simple -‘take a chance’  strategy. If the choice works, lucky me!! If it doesn’t, well I  definitely get to  learn something. And when u learn something the hard way..u tend to keep it fr a longer time..;)

P.S. For those who haven’t seen that episode.


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