Moving on…

Sometimes in life I come across situations when I don’t know how I am feeling. Its neither happy nor sad. Its just a thinking mode after someone or something initiated it out of nowhere. And then comes a time when I suddenly realise that my eyes are almost full of tears. I struggle hard to fight them back..hard enough so that I am able to stop them………..

Sometimes I succeed..but often the tears bring back the saddest parts of my life and along with them comes the pain and memories I’ve tried hard to forget. The whole thing makes me realize the emptiness in me.

I then spend sometime lost in the flashback of my life. What I used to be..what I am now..and the journey overall. When you are sad tend to lose every ounce of your self confidence. I too feel like a mess..!!

And after some time..I end up with the three most beautiful words that lift up my spirits..”I don’t care!”. I dont care about whatever has happened in the past or how people around me have reacted or what they’ve perceived about me. All I care for is that until and unless I dont stop troubling myself by bringing the past memories again and again I can never move on!

That is when I realize, everyone has a sad or a weak part which they want to forget…which troubles them…but life is accepting them and moving on. Life is telling yourself that though there were some gray shades, there were some bright ones too..the happy ones which made u love it and yourself….!!

A ray of hope and a little courage is all it takes to get back in the game..And then you know you can do it..;)


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