Say it?

We are gifted with a lot of relations in this world but “Love” is one of the priceless emotions which one yearns to cherish.

It is said falling in love is fate. You dont know when, where or how you might fall for someone. It just happens and when you realise actually feel on top of the world..indeed one of the amazing feeling of all..!

When you like someone, just being around that person makes your day…Everything around seems so damn good…so fresh and alive..and when that person responds the the way you expected..then your smile says it all!!

You dont realize that u’ve been wearing that weirdly stupid smile all day. You even fail to notice that today,inspite of ur expectaions u’ve been surprisingly cheerful after u’ve talked to, seen or met that particular person who was indeed the reason for ur smile. And very often this smile makes u feel special..and raises a lot of questions too..:P

Before going to sleep, you review your entire day and remind yourself of those “special” moments. When you wake just get ready to meet that person. Its all natural and it just flows. Suddenly all your thoughts seem to belong to that one person. You are just not you anymore!!!

The tricky part, however, is when even after realizing that you have almost entered in a whole new world…you just want to stop yourself..! You like the change..and you slowly get used to it too even though you know very well that sooner or later its gonna hurt someone.

You get scared enough to listen to your heart and just try harder and harder to be what you are not anymore.

You are confused. You get irritated and then you ask opinions.

“Say It”..people say. Of course, no one will understand what you feel until you tell it to someone, and esp the one whom you want it to know. You should say it and let it out is what the popular opinion is.

But sometimes..its better to wait and let your feelings unfold with time…
Sometimes..even you need more time than you think….
Sometimes..words are not actually needed to express everything…
You feel it… believe in it and it’ll happen for sure…………..


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