For a sweet friend..

Ever tried to listen to the sound of wind? Or to feel the calmness of moonlight?
Well, in this fast paced busy yet lazy life of ours..we tend to neglect and fail to feel the most beautiful things around us! We try to catch up with everything around us and forget to do what we love. We often think about doing it..but the final execution never takes place!

Like I’ve been wanting to write for so long..but since I’m no different than anyone else..(not so busy bt quite lazy..!),  Here I am writing after such a long time..! 

I actually wanted to write about this happy sweet moment I felt sometime back. When I was on my terrace..moon glimmering in the sky and a slight cool breeze brought a whole lot of happy thoughts in my mind along with a sweet smile on my face!

It was so much better than the hot burning day. A little tired..I just closed my eyes for a while..and all I could think of were the sweetest moments of my day…

The way I spent my day was intriguingly satisfying. A day well spent filled with lots of activities and some fun part too. But the best part of my day made me realize something very amazing.

Sometimes you don’t even imagine how a tiny gesture of yours can steal someone’s heart. You just do it unknowingly..and people get so touched that they suddenly began to realize how much you care for them and in due process they remind you that they love you too.

There we were, all of us standing on the Metro Station waiting for the metro, when I asked her to keep her bag down coz it was very heavy, as it always is!! 
When we were all settled in the metro, out of nowhere, she asked me..why do u care for me so much?

All I could respond was with a stupid expresion and silly answer!! I asked her again..What happened to you now?
She quoted her question again with some weird explanations..!!

But then it struck me..ohh yeah! Seriously! Though unintentionally..I just tend to care for her! And most importantly..I am used to it. I don’t think about doing it..It just happens!!

And that day I realized that there is atleast one person out there whom I love..and its not just any attachment..its the best and sweetest of all..its our Friendship!! 

I knew we can’t live without telling each other everything but I never knew we’ll get used to each other like this. This one is for you and a promise that our friendship will last forever! 🙂 ❤



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