Two Idiot boxes vs one

Television, as an idiot box is respectably referred not something new in our lives. It is infact something that has developed quite a lot in the recent times..!
Anyways my aim is neither to endorse a new brand or to enlighten you regarding the health effects that it causes or anything like that. I am here to discuss the new, actually not so new trend of having more than one set of idiot boxes.

To begin with, I still remember how badly I wanted a separate TV of my own to avoid clashes with my mom-When she wanted to see one of her daily soaps with the usual melodramas..planning and plottings! And when my dad wanted to watch the daily business news..whereas I wanted to see that amazing movie..or Roadies or one of my favourite shows! 
It always ended up by me giving up whatever I wanted to see. I then either left the room or sat there with a grim face relentlessly waiting for a commercial to pop up!!

But now we have two different sets of that I can watch whatever I want..! Most importantly whenever I want. 😉 Its a comparatively clashless life nowadays..with me minding my own business in my room. 

But sometimes, I miss that chaos and petty fights over that poor little remote control! 

For a family like mine..where we all love to have dinner together and at the same time tune into our favourite shows mostly during that time, the 2nd TV sort of splitted us. Me and my brother in one room while my mom dad in another, for most of the times, even for dinner. And truely speaking the food no longer tastes good this way!!

So even though the 2nd set brought along some moments of peace, a luxury especially when you want to see some late night show.;), it often makes you miss those stupid-emo-funny moments spent together..!


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