Keep smiling..:)

As we move on in life, there are a lot of things that change about us. Our priorities, our interests, our friends, our crushes and what not!
For some people, we become whole new beings, but only a few know that we actually moved on-taking with us all the bitter sweet experiences.

And amidst all this, there is always something unique to everyone..they themselves! People come and go in our lives. One moment we might be in love with someone..but sometime later, that person might seem like no one! Relationships change, what stays behind is the very essence of us!

I realized this sometime back when I was telling my friend the best part of my day. Its when I get time to go upstairs and open the doors to my terrace. Often an amazing wind blows and leaves behind a smile on my face! 🙂

I also realized that there are a lot of these small little things that have the ability to make me smile! Like the smell when the first few rain drops come down..the weird figures that can be made out of clouds..the happy ending of a love story..a cute kid returning an even cuter smile..or simply a beautiful song!!

No matter what I become, where I go..these things will continue to please me..they are a part of me..!

I believe everyday, one comes across atleast one of these little things. But its worth it only when you don’t miss that stupid silly reason and give away that pretty smile! 😉


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