We fight, we laugh, we tease and what not, but trust me, my words are not enough to describe my relation with you..!

I think of myself as a stupid, idiot, melodramatic girl with well, somewhat cute smile. And when I look myself through your eyes..I am not surprised to see the same except with a lil difference. I see that care, that love. Coz you are one of the most special people I have in my life. You are one of my friends!! 😀

I’ve irritated you like hell..you too have done the same. Credits to both of us! 😉
We laughed together, on each other and ganged up on various occasions. From that mighty wink or the wicked smile which said more than what words could express, to that amazing excitement of doing something stupid…it all just flowed!!

There has also been moments when we did hurt each other, we shouted at each other, stopped talking for the worst…!!
But still, we managed to keep up with what was more important, our friendship.

A little quarrel with the someone that matters makes us sad. But if the tikhiest fight with such people end up with an even sweeter relation, understand that you are surrounded with people who will be with you always! 🙂

At times, life has pulled me at crossroads where I need to take tough decisions. (Which definitely is not my cup of tea! Why do we need to take a decision anyways??)
I always try to take one, thinking I’ve become strong enough to do that, but until and unless I discuss it with you I dont feel assured. It doesnt mean you are any more intelligent or responsible than me, It just means I feel better once I tell it to you.

For these and for a lot more reasons..you are important to me. You guys are very special to me, you make me what I am today!!

And all  I want to say is that with you people, I am simply myself! Thanks for bearing me and making me stay the way I am. 😉 🙂

P.S. I’m not being emotional..But since it goes with the title..here’s one of my favourites :


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