The Shuffle Mode

I have been enthralled a number of times by the shuffle mode of my music player! It is such an amazing thing and way better than the playlist mode, I must say. Why? Coz I believe that the shuffle mode opens a world of possibilities!!

Sometimes, you land upon a song which was lost somewhere in your entire song list, which you never used in any of your playlist. But it was there coz you liked it once and it was not worth deleting.
Sometimes, you happen to find the songs that are unnecessarily occupying space in your music player and all you need to do is to get done with them.
And sometimes you get the song according to your mood, which makes you love your phone. You feel as if this electronic device is trying to understand the human heart and its emotions, after all!

My little brain could draw an analogy here, to the people we meet in our life. There are the ones whom we call friends/companions who may or may not be with us for the entire time, but when they are present, we know they are worth it. If at any point in time, we happen to be cross paths or meet again, we will still enjoy their company.

Then, there are some people whom we should better let go- the ones whose company we do not enjoy, who hamper our progress and with whom we know we cannot grow.

And last but not the least, we have the ones whose company we always enjoy no matter what our mood is. They’ll always be there and surprisingly will understand us, no matter in whatever state we are. Those are the ones to put on an all time playlist, that strike the chord of our heart every single time!! Those are the ones to crave for coz they are our best friends!!! 🙂


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