Pal me beete kitne saal..!!

Off late, I have been in love with this song, Euphoria’s Ab na Ja! Yeah! I know I landed up on this one a bit late. You can never listen to all of them but the good ones always touch you or they are waiting for you out there. Anyway, I was travelling one day and I was listening to this song. And suddenly a part of a line in the song made me realize something that happened recently. Something beautiful. 🙂

“Pal me bite kitne saal..”

So can one actually live years in one moment?? Well yes!! I experienced it some time back, on 24th May, the last exam of my college life when I had to leave early after the exam. I hated it, I tried to stay but I could not. Not that day. The desire of staying a little longer but the sadness of leaving early was paramount when I left all of my friends after having a quick golgappe treat. (Yes, somehow I managed that!!)

I got on the bus and sprinkled some more emotions on my situation with the background music of Kal ho na ho heartbeat and Yaaron dosti. To top that, I was still in euphoria of the love and affection I just received in the goodbye hugs. My entire college group(The Moody Blues) was there that day. There were people I knew whom I would not see again, not too soon and definitely not in the same environment again!! And just then, while going back, I actually lived my 4 years again in a single moment.

Right from the time I entered college till this time when I was leaving, everything just flowed. I had a smile, a big smile on my face along with a tiny tear in my eye. I guess that is what goodbyes do.But with all the goodbyes and best wishes, I would like to say:

“I have miles to go before I sleep

and have a few promises to keep.”

It is not the promise to stay in touch, to keep the friendship intact. I know I might not be able to keep this one. The situation will change as it always does. Everyone will get along with their lives. Life will become more complex and complicated.

But despite everything, I want to and I will keep one promise. To keep the memories alive in my heart!  To remember every laughter and every tear, every hello and every hug, every dance and every smile as vividly as if it just happened.

And last but not the least, the song that inspired this one!! 🙂


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