Phir se udd chala..

Life sometimes moves really awfully fast that we just move ahead in a rat race of what we think we should do instead of doing what we actually want to do. I recently ended up on this song from Rockstar, a beautiful composition indeed. The video,music, lyrics-everything a perfect combination which triggered some thought process in my head. (Not new, of course! :P)

The video shows how Ranbir finally stepped on the stone of success, how he has started to achieve what he actually wanted to do, that is to become a great singer. And as this happens, life becomes a fast forward process for him. He is happy but I felt that life should also comprise of some slow and silent moments where we close our eyes and feel the happenings around us. A moment to stop by and let the emotions in us sink in, realize that we are happy, satisfied and yet crave for more coz we are on the path of doing what we love.

Speaking of doing what we love to do, I have been facing a really big question mark in my life as decide upon what do I really want to do. The song offers a line pertaining to this and it has been stuck in my mind for a while.


“Mitti jaise sapne ye kitabi palko se jhaado fir aa jate hain”


When I first understood the meaning, I was spellbound by the awesomeness of the lyricist. (who by the way is Irshad Kamil.) We all have dreams and it is not something that we have just started to see. They have been there since a long time- small ones, big ones, ones that keep on changing as we grow up and realize they were just momentary. But there are some dreams that you see once but they remain there forever. The ones which are like dust and they return to your eyes as if your eyes are some good old books. You clean them off every now and then thinking that they are just temporary, but they return to you every time.

I believe those are the dreams to look for, to work for and worth achieving. The dust is just a reminder, a sign that shows you which way to go when you are confused, the way which is some way or the other related to your happiness. 🙂

I am still looking for my sign though, but I wish you all find it soon. 🙂




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