The first time we met..

Sounds familiar??

So, you are with your special someone or with a real close friend of yours and there is this third person who has just entered in your life. The new entry wants to know what was it like, the first time when you two met??

As that question strikes, you go back in time thinking about that moment when that person became a familiar figure in your life. Ideally, its not more than like any other moment in your life. Simply put, you met this new person. You would remember the peculiar things like whether he/she was pretty, had a good personality, maybe a joke they cracked, something about their expressions, their dressing sense and lots of other first impression stuff. Believe me, you would easily forget all of that unless that person becomes an important part of your life later. Since they matter now, your mind remembers or at least tends to remember everything about them, all the time you spent together, every single detail including the first time you met. When-We-First-Meet

Funnily enough, most of the times, the first time is the useless of all the meets you have had till now coz at least in that one time you did not know what will happen next. Of all things, you did not know that this person is going to be something that you will cherish for way longer than you can have ever imagined. Well, some meetings might be the ones where you want it to happen, and it even does later(Lucky for you! ;))..but some simply seem impossible. Yet they happen. When you see them now, you are amazed. Simply astounded as I might say!!

Then why the question??

Coz it is always a good place to start!!! It brings a smile to your face..that little surprise which you feel inside just before you start spilling the beans and it also makes you realize, it is indeed a story worth telling!! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜‰


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