Recently Added

This one might sound like a repetition and as guilty as I am, I would also like to admit that I draw a lot of analogies, especially from music. Music purifies and mesmerizes me, it transports me to a whole new world. So there I was, listening to some newly created magical notes in my phone from my “Recently added” play list when a thought suddenly struck me.

Every once in a while, there are new additions to our jukebox. Additions which seem new and catchy in a way, additions which are different and make us wanna at least give a try to something which might be the next sensation. Well, if you look at it, we tend to add people in our life in a similar way. People who are new, who seem like a surprise and who intrigue us enough to at least go and talk to them.

Then, next comes a phase when we become addicted to the new songs. We listen to them everyday and sometimes even many times in a day. They start defining things for us which we have never seen or realized. Sometimes, they might even bring back an old feeling in a novel way. The people we recently met also exhibit a similar scenario. You like some of them so much, that you can’t wait to meet them to find out more about them. You see yourself in a new light when you are with them. You share your past experiences or relate to an old feeling in an altogether different way.

New people, like songs, can be addictive too. They make our life a little more interesting and help us in moving forward with a lot of unexpected takeaways. But no matter how differently these new flavours make us feel, they still need time as compared to our friends on our already existing play lists, people who know the right chord to strike based on our varied mood.

And just like every other thing in this world, the “recently added” list is not permanent. Songs may come and go, but those who touch your heart find a special play list. So do people. They ultimately secure a place on the special list called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 🙂


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