Footprints in the sand

As beautiful and peaceful as it seems, the experience of walking on a beach is way better, especially if done at the right time and way way better if done with the right person.

I haven’t had experience of the latter yet, but the former I would say was one of a kind. Walking on the sand, leaving behind my footprints, even for a moment filled me with immense joy! Every once in a while a mighty wave came to the shore, relaxed at my feet and while I was busy enjoying that feeling, it magically erased the little marks I had just created. I kept going on and on, until I stepped a little farther from the waves and made a comparatively permanent mark before leaving.

Isn’t that what we do everyday? We interact with random people, we go to work, we contribute trivially to something which in the long run feels like it has been erased as if it was never there. We lose ourselves in the ordinary, enjoying the glamour of comforts. Our small efforts are rendered useless as they get washed down by momentary waves which distract us. But once in a while, we get up, realizing that there is at least one thing we should do that leaves a permanent mark. We make friends for life, achieve some of our goals and that takes us to a much happier state than we could have ever imagined.

Life is simply a combination of these two. Enjoy the short happiness and understand that some good moments are supposed to be for that time only. Relax, cherish and savour those moments. But also keep in mind that the trivial joys will come and go. In your life time, do at least one thing that would make the mark permanent. 🙂


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