Just takes some LOVE to make it good

So, this usually happens when I have been stuck in some big shit, or been going through a messy life for a while. And all that while, on one hand I am a warrior fighting for something and on the other hand I have some lovely people for my support, who listen to all my whining and help me get out of that mess.

I want to dedicate this to them, to tell them how much I love them, how much their support has helped, without me even noticing it back then. Now when I look back, I realize that it was one of the important things which calmed me down when I was all lost and desperate to make matters worse.


And when I come back to my senses, these are the people I run to celebrate with. These people who will dance with me in my joy and be crazy with happiness when I smile. Who deep down feel happy that I made it through and hope that our LOVE, this rather beautiful bond which makes hearts melt and humans sane, always keeps us together.


And to all those people I would like to say,

Thank you so much my love. ❤  You are one of the special people in my life whom I would always cherish! Coz it just takes a little of you, to make me good.

Dedicate this to all those people who have made you feel good. Sometime. Anytime. Always. 🙂


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