What it takes to be AWESOME ?!?



I have never been much of a HIMYM<How I met Your Mother> fan but I have always admired this one character, the way too AWESOME Barney Stinson. And I have also met a lot of people who simply love him for all the craziness he possesses. Recently, I was going through some of his quotes in a post and I found this:


Hell yeah! Bummer. Even the LEGEND<..wait for it..>DARY Barney Stinson says he wasn’t as awesome as he is now. This reminded me of some of the episodes where Barney used to go in a flashback, told some random bullshit stories about what he did some years ago, and eventually turned out to be cooler than he began the story with!

But I could not help but wonder, what makes someone awesome? or Cool? What is the definition of awesomeness anyway?

So I go back to Barney Stinson, once again. Whatever I know of Barney, I gather one absolute thing, his life has been full of incomparable and countless EXPERIENCES- something which he cherishes and uses to his advantage. <A lot!> He has been through so much crazy shit, that there is nothing left to hold back from. He always got something out of everything. <Be it waking up in the dumpsters after a hangover! :P>

Which brings me to another chain of my thought process,

Our life is what we make of it. It solely depends on us as to how we want we shape it. It is our most priced possession and our experiences are one of the best things about it. We earn them and we own them. Our experiences are the moments which make us realize that we have breathed through them and felt alive. Relished the good ones, outlived the bad ones and together, used all of them to move ahead!

The point which I am trying to make here very subtly is :

No Secret ingredient             <Ahh! and the Dragon Scroll says it. Enough reason to believe!! :)>

Yes! There is no secret ingredient. Awesomeness lies within us and each one of us is awesome in our own way. We all uniquely define ourselves and make our own choices.

Often when I look back, I realize that I have made mostly two kind of choices:

Choose the path

The SAME OLD SHIT which made 15 years of my life practically one year repeated 15 times over or

The CRAZY NEW SHIT which made each one of those 15 years accountable.

And to be really frank, I feel a sense of pride in all those crazy decisions of mine, which then seemed out of the box or impossible. I remember them most dearly and vividly. I realize that whatever I was then, and whatever I will be in a few years, solely depends on the choices I make. It is a beautiful feeling to know that the choice mostly has been mine, and it will continue to be so if I choose it to be.<Inception! :P>

But more importantly, in life, it does not matter what you do, what matters is you DO and get something out of it. You will end up being AWESOME! No worries. 😀

So what say? Challenge Accepted? 😉


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