The pause

Never underestimate the power of a song, because even a moment of it can do so much more than you can ever imagine: Wonder. Miracle. Magic.

It was like one of those days in office, when I have so much on my plate, time seems to run out of my hand as clock ticks away and all I desperately look for is something to calm myself down so that I can get my head sorted.

So, sort of irritated but determined to make things happen, I continued to fiddle with my work when I took to my all time mood saviour, music! A quick song or two and I knew I will be in the work mode.

“Aankhon ke Saagar, hothon ke sagar..

Le doobe hame..”

I chose this song randomly and as it began slowly, I  could notice the calming effect. I started afresh with my work, focusing a bit more on it, while the song , catching up the pace, soothingly played in the background.

“Palko ko aise, palko se chu le..

ke jab dil mile, to manzil mile..”

The music caught up in my head and I slowly started to find the tune within myself. Mouthing the lyrics, tapping my foot along with the rhythm and feeling a bit lighter. And amidst all this, came the pause. The one second pause which was so beautiful, it made this song special. That earnest pause, which filled me with anticipation and excitement. That pause which literally made me stop for that one moment,which made me feel alive and I could not resist a smile!!

“Tadapna mera, hasna teraaa..

nindein meri..sapna teraa…”

This pause made me realize that often it is important to stop and then move again. To take a pause from the rushing life, to stop and breathe, to feel alive. How the little breaks make us feel more lively than the long work-loaded days!

I played the song again, and this time it felt like the kind of pause one takes before going for a leap! And so, I carried on with my work with much more enthusiasm and mind it, I finished it on time. 😀

This is for you. Relish the pause.Enjoy the song. Probably add it to your playlist! 😉


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