Why I added “cooking” to my “TO LEARN” list.

the-best-way-to-learn-to-cook-is-to-do-some-serious-eating-quote-1I would like to begin this one with a confession – I had never really made enough efforts to try the art of cooking. There I said it!! Now, amongst many theories which I have to make you believe that it was okay that I did not do so , I would mainly like to stress upon the most important and crucial one -my mom is an awesome cook, she loves doing it for us, and she does it so smoothly and amazingly that it seems sort of unnecessary for anyone of us at home to step up and admit we want to cook too! We can never match her, so why not just sit back, let her do what she loves to do and enjoy the yummilicious end product! 😛

As evident from the background, I have been lucky enough to have the “dabba”  almost everyday till college life and everything was just going on fine until one day,  when I had to move out, take a job in another city and live on my own. Don’t worry, it is not the usual story where I miss home food so much that I learn to cook, just like mom and everything happens alright and that’s the end.

3a9cff51999b5177369deaf1351e7e32It is the one where my laziness will prevail, at least for some time. 😛 It is the one where I survived, without cooking. One year away from home, and I managed without adding a single dish to my culinary skills <which was not very good anyway :P> But all this while I realized an important thing. The importance of home made food and hence in parts, importance of cooking. There is one thing to survive and manage, but it is a whole different story to be able to relish every single meal of your day. The negative effects of the former and the positive effects of latter, both show their true colours slowly and steadily, as the food seeps into your life bit by bit, byte by byte, meal by meal.

And the bottom line is, as always, Food is important. Good food, doubly so. Period.


Which brings me to why I started admiring and trying my hand at this ancient yet such an important art. As I began to cook some simple recipes and conduct my various experiments with food, I had this amazing sensation – a feeling of triumph that I have suddenly achieved the ability to create the fuel of human body, to produce a meal <sometimes delicious> out of sheer rawness of ingredients used.

Using different flavours , spices and trying out numerous ways that lead to a new version for the same dish heightened my sense of smell and taste. My brain started recollecting some earlier parts of the recipe which had seeped in the corners of my memory and tried to use it in a novel way. I realized that while cooking I apparently used all my five senses in one way or the other – taste, smell, touch, vision and sound. The best part however was, whenever I cooked because I simply felt like, it was no less than meditation, in a way.

There is one thing which I have always loved to do, to read, a lot. I have been reading for a long time and gradually I realized I like expressing myself through words. After I had savoured so many different genres, over the top and rational opinions, interesting and relevant titles – I have always found it possible and challenging to experiment with the words in my own unique way and that I believe is nothing but the “art of writing”. As I started to cook, I realized that over time I had relished innumerable dishes and the unforgettable aromas of delicious exotic and exquisite food <which probably still lingered in a corner of my head>, and just like words, I could also experiment with those flavours and possibly recreate it in my own unique way!  I believe that is what is popularly known as the “art of cooking”.

This realization was the first step which helped me move forward and once again, luckily, I had a mentor who could teach me this art like no other. My mom, of course. 🙂 I adore her for the fact that she never really asked me to cook until I felt like doing it. She respected the art enough and left the decision to me, so that I approach her to teach me only when I realized its importance and had the eagerness to learn.


I am really glad that I added such a skill on my list and looking forward to share some of my experiments soon!!  If you too have it on your list, I will be more than happy to know one or two of your secret recipes! 😀 <Feel free to comment.> If not, it is really worth adding or at least a shot! 😉


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