Day 1 – Creating Memories

It has been a long time since I have posted anything, and I do not have any one to blame except myself. So, as the post suggests, this would be a fresh beginning, where in I would post (or at least try to post) everyday. The inspiration comes from #100HappyDays, a challenge which I took up some two weeks back and thankfully have been continuing since.

100HappyDays made me realize the importance of habits and challenges. Challenges make you take up something, anything, and push you a step ahead from your comfort zone. Slowly and steadily, without even realizing, whatever extra you do for that challenge everyday, becomes a habit. And habits, well, die hard! 🙂

But apart from the habit, there is something else, which keeps me going with the Happy Days Challenge – Creating Memories. Whenever I look back at my Instagram history, I feel a sense of happiness from the moments I captured. I created memories, maybe for a challenge, but I did, and I know that when I will look back after a year, they will still be there, reminding me of the moments I would have easily forgotten by then, the moments which made me happy at some point in life.

Life is all about memories. You breathe, you live, you meet new people, you work, you play, you love and in every little moment,  you experience a sort of old-new feeling. These experiences are what you live for. These experiences are what you cherish when you grow old. And these experiences always keep you going.

Keeping in line with the lovely experiences, I hereby, take up another interesting challenge, #100WritingDays, and who knows what memories I might create here 🙂


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