Day 2 – The inevitable truth

I was as usual working in office the other day, when we had to check the validity of a certain product we were using. The deadline of our license was December 2016. Well, good enough. 4  months to go.

We went ahead with the product for the time being but it left me with a sudden realization that December 2016 is, in fact, just 4 months away. 4 more months, and that’s it, before I know it, I would be welcoming 2017 and then would have an entire year to look back!! I was simply amazed at how fast time flies.  In fact, a bit scared too.

Perhaps, that is one of the reason why I took up this challenge, to do that extra bit in every way possible for the things I love, because time waits for no one. Everyone has only 24 hours in a day. And the lucky ones get to see another day. Another week. Another month or maybe a year.

I have been coming across this inevitable truth quite frequently nowadays. I don’t really know if it is a sign of some sort (I hope not!), but I have been encountering instances based on this inevitable truth of death. There have been quite a few occasions which brought about stories like,  “Who would have thought!? Such a tragedy. A sudden heart attack. Oh! It just happened.”

These stories and this truth is shit scary and it is way too real. No one knows what is going to happen even in the next second, and yet we plan so much ahead, being highly optimistic. A small deviation in our so called master plan, and we become upset, like a baby!

Frankly speaking, I have been really scared by all these thoughts. To experience the loss of someone close, and to continue living the same way seems impossible, especially for an emotional person like myself. We take people for granted, we take ourselves for granted, and little do we know that perhaps there is some other master plan being devised in another parallel universe.

The point of me blabbering all these serious and dark thoughts is not to scare you, but to draw a thin line to the reality we know, and the reality we take for granted. We get upset on small things, we get rude with people, we do so many useless tasks every single day, which perhaps we would not be doing at all, if we realize that we have limited time left.

Talk to people who are on their death  bed, for they would take up all your useless worries with a smile. They know the importance of life, which we are neglecting right now, and perhaps they would have done the same in the past.

So, the point which I am very subtly trying to make here is – to make everyday count. It is the most beautiful gift you could ever get. The ability to live. To do things which make you happy. To be with people who make you feel alive. Let that heart beat with a smile. 🙂


P.S. Quoting Tagore, on his 75th death anniversary. The man whose work made him immortal. A true inspiration.


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