Day 3 – That thing about Bombay

I know I am a little late for today’s post, but some unforeseen tasks came up suddenly, right before I settled down to write.

Finally, as I settled down and wished to come up with a topic faster, my mind refused to cooperate and went blank with an even faster pace, for my day today had no inspiration or a thought which really intrigued me. And I accept that fact. It happens. There are days, in fact many days, when you feel like they just passed away without teaching you anything. But, that is the sole purpose I am trying to defeat these days. I would like to believe that there is no day like that. Even if you have an illusion of such days, they too, add up in the long run. 🙂

A chunk of my time today was spent on reading this brilliant book, called Shantaram, which is kind of based on Bombay. Lately, the books I have read referred to Bombay in one way or the other. These references always take me back to this city, as the flashbacks from my memory coincide and find their own room in the author’s description.

Bombay. The city where dreams come true. The amazing city with the charisma that makes everyone fall in love with it. And I too fell for it, twice. And I would not mind a third time!

I can so readily relate to it when people tell me, even authors in their peculiar way, how they come to love this city, piece by piece, person by person. Perhaps, the reason lies in the fact that Bombay is one of the few places in India where I travelled alone and absolutely loved it. For me the city signifies freedom and life. It gave me moments, which I can undoubtedly mark as the ones when I “felt alive”.

The serenity of Haji Ali, the walk around Jehangir Art Gallery, the grandeur of Victoria Terminus, the sense of millions of lives moving around in the local trains and the spot where the Maximum City stays still, Marine Drive.

I think I really fell in love with Bombay when I was at Marine Drive, for the second time, at the end of my solo day. I had come there before. But it was a whole different world then. I came there with my friends and we sat and talked, for like hours. And this time I was alone. I missed them badly. The fact that you are alone at such a terrific place can kill you and make you at peace at the same time. You see a flashback of memories, and suddenly you are not alone. I think it is the infinite sea. The calm sea and crashing waves. Memories come crashing to your head, trying to hit your rocky heart, which then slowly melts and calms down like the sea, taking up each memory at a time, feeling it, kindling it and then leaving its mark in your eyes.

It all settles down then. Sitting alone, thinking about your experiences, good and bad, about people you love and miss, perhaps finding a part of yourself. It becomes meditation of sorts.

And you need such meditation. You need this relaxation. You need to find yourself, the pieces within you that have been ripped apart, and the pieces which are still left, for all those pieces complete you in one way or another. You need all those pieces so that you can carry, all of your self together, for the journey ahead.

Marine Drive


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