About The Girl

I have often tried to write about myself, figuring out what kind of person I am..what interests me the most..and so on.. but you cannot simply describe yourself. You simply keep discovering yourself.

To begin with, ‘Pallavi’ means thematic line of a song. It also means something new or fresh.

I have many shades. Sometimes I am an innocent child, a sensible friend, helping and caring sister, a responsible daughter but at times I act as a stupid and spoilt child, an idiotic friend, a mean sister and a reckless daughter. Whatever be my shade, most of the times I am quite predictable.

I love to write. Its my way of expressing myself. I like to give an unbiased opinion of whatever I see but sometimes emotions get in the way and I tend to sound unfair. I am okay with that too, after all I am what I am! I love myself and I believe until and unless one learns to appreciate himself/herself they can not appreciate others.

My experiences with life have evolved me a lot..particularly in the last two years and I feel like I am totally changed, but for good. I believe everything happens for a reason and minimizing the regrets in life makes it a lot better.

People seem like puzzles which I always want to solve, including me. Their emotions in different circumstances and how that turns up different situations always interests me.

I can’t live without music. Its salvation for my soul. I love to listen to songs depending on my mood. Soft music helps me get a sweet sleep. Romantic music makes often makes me want to fall in love. Dhinchak and happy music makes me go rock and roll!!

I love to read. There is always a book on my bedside table. I believe reading makes me express myself better.

I get along with people fairly well. If I cannot get along with someone, I prefer to be nowhere around them. Non communicado is better than spewing fire. I make sure that I am non-existent and non relevant to them. It works well with me.. Live and let live. 🙂

I like to believe in the good part of horoscopes, the happy ending of movies and basically everything that pamper my fantasies..! Like every girl I have been brought up like a princess and I love to take a break from the real world whenever I get a chance. It always lets me come back with a bunch of positiveness and possibilities!

I like to explore new things and I hate monotony in life. Life is all about changes and experiences, whether good or bad. Our experiences are unique to us and even though some of them break us, ultimately, they are the ones that make us who we are today!

P.S. Still discovering myself. 🙂


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