the fire within

Fire, the destroyer and the creator, just like its counterparts (air, water and earth) is both powerful and indispensable. It has the unstoppable energy to make or break, the assertiveness to make its action binding and the passion to burn brilliantly. Its spark can bring down everything to ashes if it gets outraged or it can instead illuminate the surroundings, if a different path is what it wishes to embark.

And right now, this is the element I could relate to the most.

It all started in my grandparents’ house, when sitting besides my grandmother, I could imagine the necessity of fire to purify the soul of my loving grandfather. The flames did their job, rising up and beyond the pyre, leaving behind nothing but ashes, to mark the end of a beginning, re-announcing the inevitable truth in the most supreme form – ‘Nothing is permanent.’

Little did I realize, amidst the chaos in my life, there was another fire, slowly spreading through the book of my life. The pages which were once written with utmost love and care were suddenly caught up in flames as I went through some unforeseen turns. A few got lost, while the leftover yellowed parchments still struggled to preserve the precious memories. It was an indication to move forward, I guess, along with the cracks. The book now consists of blank pages, to be written afresh, yet the stories which once existed are now being held as shattered pieces, their remnants still flying in the air as light ashes, the tiny black crystals withering away from the corners, illuminating like a firefly in the backdrop of the extinguishing flames.

Just as I was about to establish the nature of my relation to this element, we met yet again, this time with a different purpose. My family was gathered to witness the marriage ceremony of my cousin, and there they were, the flames once again doing their job, to take in all the offerings and mark the beginning of a new relationship. The fire burned slowly, brightly and brilliantly to purify the newly created bond, showering blessings over everyone present.

It occurred to me then, that perhaps it was not I who was encountering fire in those places, not the least bit by chance. It has been always there, simply trying to reflect what I felt during all those times – my deep desire to cry out loud for the loss, to get past some dead-end bridges and to enjoy the warmth of a happy occasion.

And so, I hereby acknowledge and bow to the fire within. The fire, which has brought me back to the place which defines me, yet again. 🙂



Why I added “cooking” to my “TO LEARN” list.

the-best-way-to-learn-to-cook-is-to-do-some-serious-eating-quote-1I would like to begin this one with a confession – I had never really made enough efforts to try the art of cooking. There I said it!! Now, amongst many theories which I have to make you believe that it was okay that I did not do so , I would mainly like to stress upon the most important and crucial one -my mom is an awesome cook, she loves doing it for us, and she does it so smoothly and amazingly that it seems sort of unnecessary for anyone of us at home to step up and admit we want to cook too! We can never match her, so why not just sit back, let her do what she loves to do and enjoy the yummilicious end product! 😛

As evident from the background, I have been lucky enough to have the “dabba”  almost everyday till college life and everything was just going on fine until one day,  when I had to move out, take a job in another city and live on my own. Don’t worry, it is not the usual story where I miss home food so much that I learn to cook, just like mom and everything happens alright and that’s the end.

3a9cff51999b5177369deaf1351e7e32It is the one where my laziness will prevail, at least for some time. 😛 It is the one where I survived, without cooking. One year away from home, and I managed without adding a single dish to my culinary skills <which was not very good anyway :P> But all this while I realized an important thing. The importance of home made food and hence in parts, importance of cooking. There is one thing to survive and manage, but it is a whole different story to be able to relish every single meal of your day. The negative effects of the former and the positive effects of latter, both show their true colours slowly and steadily, as the food seeps into your life bit by bit, byte by byte, meal by meal.

And the bottom line is, as always, Food is important. Good food, doubly so. Period.


Which brings me to why I started admiring and trying my hand at this ancient yet such an important art. As I began to cook some simple recipes and conduct my various experiments with food, I had this amazing sensation – a feeling of triumph that I have suddenly achieved the ability to create the fuel of human body, to produce a meal <sometimes delicious> out of sheer rawness of ingredients used.

Using different flavours , spices and trying out numerous ways that lead to a new version for the same dish heightened my sense of smell and taste. My brain started recollecting some earlier parts of the recipe which had seeped in the corners of my memory and tried to use it in a novel way. I realized that while cooking I apparently used all my five senses in one way or the other – taste, smell, touch, vision and sound. The best part however was, whenever I cooked because I simply felt like, it was no less than meditation, in a way.

There is one thing which I have always loved to do, to read, a lot. I have been reading for a long time and gradually I realized I like expressing myself through words. After I had savoured so many different genres, over the top and rational opinions, interesting and relevant titles – I have always found it possible and challenging to experiment with the words in my own unique way and that I believe is nothing but the “art of writing”. As I started to cook, I realized that over time I had relished innumerable dishes and the unforgettable aromas of delicious exotic and exquisite food <which probably still lingered in a corner of my head>, and just like words, I could also experiment with those flavours and possibly recreate it in my own unique way!  I believe that is what is popularly known as the “art of cooking”.

This realization was the first step which helped me move forward and once again, luckily, I had a mentor who could teach me this art like no other. My mom, of course. 🙂 I adore her for the fact that she never really asked me to cook until I felt like doing it. She respected the art enough and left the decision to me, so that I approach her to teach me only when I realized its importance and had the eagerness to learn.


I am really glad that I added such a skill on my list and looking forward to share some of my experiments soon!!  If you too have it on your list, I will be more than happy to know one or two of your secret recipes! 😀 <Feel free to comment.> If not, it is really worth adding or at least a shot! 😉

Food is Memory. Cooking is a craft. Size does matter.

A lazy Saturday morning. Last page of unread weekly magazine. A few articles. These three separate headings, connected as dots in my head.

Think Food

Think food, and my head pops up images of several utterly delicious entities which often melt in my mouth, giving me immense sense of satisfaction and energy to go about all my tasks everyday. It is often linked to parts of my brain I do not specifically remember, but the ones that come out randomly, when I try to relate to sensations of happiness, good conversations or perhaps disappointments. Coz as much as you want the experience of eating out to be amazing, more often you end up being dissatisfied. Ahh but well, just like everything in life you gotta move on, keeping in mind places you are never going to see again and marking in your head places which are worth paying a second visit.

And while wandering on these thoughts, I remember my friend S <a self proclaimed foodie, who is never really satisfied with the food he is served, but when he is, it is eternal bliss for us :P>, his craving for chole bhature at Sitaram’s RK Ashram Marg , Upma at the little south Indian joint at Patel chowk, black coffee at Indian Coffee House, yummulicious pasta with cold coffee at NSP and all the long conversations and random plans that led us there!

I remember BYD, and that stupendous breakfast I had all by myself there once <and the fact that getting a table for one was so amazingly easy! :D> I remember Indore, Wanna Puff, the cafe with the hill view and all the food we could not resist ordering. I remember Truffles in Banaglore, and all the waiting that was worth it. That spicy kadhai paneer in the randomly chosen restuarant on a pleasant night in Coorg. That Pav Bhaji in Mumbai overflowing with butter. That Hyderabadi biryani. Those differently flavoured chutneys with the unusually lengthy dosa at Chutneys, those random mouth-watering chaats, those pancakes and hot coffee with friends on a special weekend brunch and mom ke aalo ke paranthe with unlimited supply!! Aaah!! Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like as S said once, a restaurant where they proudly place their food in front of you and say, pay only when you like the food. <Imagine! :D>

FoodExperienceWhich brings me to next point, to make food a memory it has to be crafted right? To know the craft and to be good at it. Because good cooking means good food. And this reminds me of Virginia Woolf’s – A room of one’s own which I am reading on the go these days, a book which I would funnily remember as I was so engrossed in it that I got out of the train at the right station, thinking it was the wrong one. I got lost in it at a point when she was talking about a lousy dinner and wondering how to often begin a good conversation, you need a good meal. A bad meal spoils your mood, killing your desire to talk about good subjects because all you could think of the not so good food you have just had. On the other hand, a well crafted meal has the power to make people feel heavenly, good enough to spill the words that start a thread which might enlighten the crowd.

And well about size, tiny portions of pretentious food or hearty offerings of a delightful meal? We all know the answer to that one. 😉 When I am going out to eat, that means the serving size should be good enough to make me full. It is annoying when I take my time to decide what I want but the serving size disappoints me and I have to order again. It is even more annoying to pay more for the food that does not deserve it. It should be both about the quality and the quantity that is served. As long as both these are taken care of, I am always ready to lose some extra shillings. After all, good food is like an art. You gotta relish it. 🙂

Anyway, its almost weekend, where are you heading for a dine out this time? 😉


Pal me beete kitne saal..!!

Off late, I have been in love with this song, Euphoria’s Ab na Ja! Yeah! I know I landed up on this one a bit late. You can never listen to all of them but the good ones always touch you or they are waiting for you out there. Anyway, I was travelling one day and I was listening to this song. And suddenly a part of a line in the song made me realize something that happened recently. Something beautiful. 🙂

“Pal me bite kitne saal..”

So can one actually live years in one moment?? Well yes!! I experienced it some time back, on 24th May, the last exam of my college life when I had to leave early after the exam. I hated it, I tried to stay but I could not. Not that day. The desire of staying a little longer but the sadness of leaving early was paramount when I left all of my friends after having a quick golgappe treat. (Yes, somehow I managed that!!)

I got on the bus and sprinkled some more emotions on my situation with the background music of Kal ho na ho heartbeat and Yaaron dosti. To top that, I was still in euphoria of the love and affection I just received in the goodbye hugs. My entire college group(The Moody Blues) was there that day. There were people I knew whom I would not see again, not too soon and definitely not in the same environment again!! And just then, while going back, I actually lived my 4 years again in a single moment.

Right from the time I entered college till this time when I was leaving, everything just flowed. I had a smile, a big smile on my face along with a tiny tear in my eye. I guess that is what goodbyes do.But with all the goodbyes and best wishes, I would like to say:

“I have miles to go before I sleep

and have a few promises to keep.”

It is not the promise to stay in touch, to keep the friendship intact. I know I might not be able to keep this one. The situation will change as it always does. Everyone will get along with their lives. Life will become more complex and complicated.

But despite everything, I want to and I will keep one promise. To keep the memories alive in my heart!  To remember every laughter and every tear, every hello and every hug, every dance and every smile as vividly as if it just happened.

And last but not the least, the song that inspired this one!! 🙂

Simply me…!

This is my first blog post, & as the title suggests this is about me and I wanna share some of my thoughts.
I am quite a normal girl with a tinge of weirdness. Now at times that makes me wonder because mostly it turns out that I am just the right amount of weird but sometimes I feel as if I am crazy! But that is okay..coz I like the way i am! Precisely speaking “Main apni favourite hoon!” 

Anyways, I am the kind of person who is definitely not in the favor of leading a monotonous life. Of course, no one loves problems in their lives but I believe that without them it just won’t feel like LIFE!! You gotta admit that it is an awesome feeling when you overcome your problems or achieve something you’ve desired for long..! Sometimes you need those tears to remind you how precious and priceless that smile is..:)

At times in life, I love to take a pause all the thoughts in my mind and frankly speaking i “think” a lot..! Thus, the break becomes a necessity sometimes..So i usually reach for my earphones and head to my terrace. And then its just the melodious tunes pouring into my ears, trying to clear the thoughts in my mind and I begin to observe everything around me.
Nature has its own way of expressing its happiness..& when it does, everything just seems BEAUTIFUL!
Like the amazing wind which makes an entire tree dance with joy..the raindrop which makes a leaf proud of its beauty..the awesome sunset making the floating clouds adorable..!
The gloomy dusk when sun bids goodbye and with a sweet smile the moon arrives..sometimes crescent, sometimes complete spreading the milky moonlight..the time when birds flock back to their nests, dotting the sky with different patterns and sometimes that mind blowing breeze that ruffles through my hair & makes me realize…yeah!! Life is beautiful……

And after feeling all this there is an instantaneous smile on my face…& i become ready to move on……