India Once

“Insaan ko dabbe me tab hi band hone chahiye jab wo marr chuka ho..”

<A person should be inside a box only when he is dead.>

India Once is not just a project, it is a beautiful story which has unfolded in my life. A year back when I first made my one and only college trip to Rajasthan, I never thought I would be able to travel so much in the first place. Yet here I am making an all new start with a whole new set of experiences in the form of a travel blog. 🙂

Life is always full of surprises. You never realize them unless you halt and look back to what a beautiful journey it has been. I never really understood my love for travel, the happiness of seeing new places, meeting new people, bonding with these people while I am with them on a weekend getaway and most importantly, discovering the new horizons within myself, until now.

I came to Bangalore some few months back. That was the farthest south I had been in India till then and I gave myself a little fascinating challenge. I wanted to visit every state down south once, which meant visiting just one place in any state will make it count. And last month, I finished all those states 🙂 (Considering Hyderabad is counted for both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for now!) The completion of that item in my wishlist led to the idea of this blog where in I am willing to keep my experiences as well as motivate myself to extend the challenge further. 🙂