Music & Lyrics

<This one was long pending, but better late than never!>

A salvation for my soul, listening to music is like meditation for me. My ultimate stress buster, mood changer,  a very important part of my life. Sometimes I feel like I can talk music, walk music! 😛

There is a play list for every mood, a song that describes every situation, music that seemingly weaves a path for you when you feel like there is no where to go.

In fact, I feel it is a common opinion these days, earphones=best friend! Because, they help you transport to a world where perhaps you rediscover yourself, just for a few minutes.

And therefore, I am hereby dedicating this space for all the inspirations I derive from what I listen to and probably to the stories they led to. Let me know if anyone of these is your favourite too! 🙂

The Pause <Aankhon ke Saagar>

Phir se Udd Chala

Pal me beete kitne saal


The Shuffle Mode

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