Day 16 – My story behind Dhoni’s “Untold Story”

My dad cleaned bowled me this Sunday. No, it is no longer 90’s when he used to play cricket with us. But he still managed to pull it off by offering to take me to the movie I had been cribbing to go for since morning that day.

He had been quite busy, just like every Sunday which begins with his typical military schedule to finish maximum tasks. Apparently, that is what Sunday means to him – Spend time finishing all the non-office work. (Sigh! I know. That is how my brother and I get to laze around. Because he keeps things in motion. :P)

So, easing my way for the last day of the week, I grabbed the Sunday paper and landed up on the review of “MS Dhoni – The Untold Story. “. I think that was the final trigger. The ultimate reminder that the movie is out, finally! I had been waiting for this one anxiously ever since the trailer was released. If you don’t believe me, check this(Yes, I have proof.):

I was almost ready for the worst case ‘go alone scenario’ after no one in my family seemed interested when my knight in the shining armor swooped in, making his princess stare at him in surprise! Yes. That was my Dad’s filmy entry in the story. I was so taken aback (and quite suspicious that this was just a way to cancel later)  that I told him about the timings and the duration of the movie twice!! Anyway, we made it to the movie, well before show time. 🙂

Now,  coming to Neeraj Pandey’s latest creation – MS Dhoni, The Untold Story. What I really loved about the concept is that it is the story of a living legend, whom we all have seen rise and shine as the captain of the Indian Cricket Team. This makes him a curious subject for a biopic, for he is someone we know, not too well of course.

And that is why, the famous world cup scenes, his typical shots (the helicopter shot!), his different hair styles – all ring a bell. Even so, the ever so real characters in the background, be it the father who wants him to focus on a secured and safe career, the mom who butters the tough dad once in a while, the teasing but lovable sister, friends in good and bad times, coaches, colleagues, his boss, the mentors, his love..everyone seem to make his world believable and so damn real.

These characters bring life to the story, which unfolds layer by layer, and even though it gets a bit too extensive at times, you want to go with the flow and crave for a bit more. The end brings a sense of satisfaction by completing the circle at the ODI World Cup of 2011, wrapping up at the high-point of Dhoni’s life perhaps. After all, it is supposed to be the untold story of the “journey”.

The movie made me realize how amazingly appealing yet difficult it is to achieve simplicity and hardwork. Dhoni clearly reflects the two qualities. His life is like a clean slate which had that one goal of being a cricketer clearly written in bold letters, and rest everything followed. The love is a bit unexpected, making him no better than any of us dealing with the heavy emotions.

The journey is interesting, making it subtly evident that Dhoni is a man of actions more than words. He speaks whenever necessary, putting his thought process clearly even when he is bombarded with so-called mild “depression”. His inner struggle reflects clearly on the way he improved his game and that is why he is an inspiration.

A special mention to the way the sponsors were advertised. Point scored there!!

I feel non-cricket fans would be able to enjoy equally as there are lots of emotional moments to be savored in addition to the adrenaline of his shots. Overall, a well bundled movie. 🙂

Personally, I liked it. More than that, loved the company I had. 🙂


Day 5 – When notes still meet, words still strike.

It was one of those days when I felt like I was happy almost the entire day. Towards the end, which actually came a little late than usual, I was still dancing around, because even by the end, I could not figure out if I was happy because I worked so much or I worked so much because I was happy. Still can’t tell. 😛

I started my day by listening to one of Arijit Singh’s medley, the one at GIMA awards 2016, and there is a part of it which really holds me. I leave everything when I am listening to it. An unusual combination of songs and it just strikes. I can’t really explain how but it does. That is the thing with music and lyrics. You just can’t tell because they speak directly to your soul.


Music has the power to connect people instantly. It does not need any language. It is the ultimate peace maker, a source of mediation and well, instant mood changer. Someone once told me, you listen to the beats when you are happy and you focus on the lyrics when you are sad. Well, maybe. Maybe not.

I consider myself as a Bollywood fan and I absolutely love retro hits – the 80’s to be precise, sung by Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi. I love their lyrics. I love the music. But that does not mean the new ones are behind in any way. I love the new ones with the same heart.

Music is an art. It evolves. The old inspires the new, but change is the only constant and the art of music has always been embracing it beautifully. There will always be all kinds of it, with new ones adding on and old ones staying like gold. 🙂

So, in this post, I would like to share my list of eclectic eight “new” songs, with lyrics absolutely brilliant (as opposed to the common perception that nowadays lyrics are simply put there to fit in!) and music which would strike the chords of your heart. Play yourself to find out if you like them too! 🙂

  • Lamhe Guzar Gaye, Piku

  • Main Rahoon ya na Rahoon, Arman & Amaal Malik

  • Ikk kudi, Udta Punjab

  • Teri Meri Baatein, Piku

  • Tum Saath Ho, Tamasha

  • Phir le aaya dil, Barfi

  • Moh Moh ke dhaage, Papon

  • Tu Jo Mila, Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Rang de Basanti, revisited.

Rang de basanti, released in 2006, was a breathtaking take on the power of youth, a movie which inspired us to stand up to make our country a better place, “Kyunki koi desh perfect nahi hota, usse perfect banana padta hai!“.

It was the movie which inspired us to take up peaceful protests and above all a movie which reflected an important part of our lives, our FRIENDS!


I was watching this movie again sometime back, and every time I see it, I could relate more to it. Precisely because, the characters are so much real!!

1. DJ

In a group of friends, there is always one DJ, the one who is always there, makes jokes, involves everyone and keeps them together. He is the one who always has the guts to go approach a girl! (As Sukhi says, ‘Cat hai saala!’) And even though he is scared at times, he is too awesome to admit it. He is the one who keeps his promises and brings your true self out when you are in trouble. After life is all about ‘tim lak lak..tey tim lak lak..‘ 🙂


2. Sukhi

“Meri to love line hi nahi hai! Bachpan me churan ke saath chaat gaya hoga! ” 😛

The ultimate bakchod, ever ready to drink, never gets girls but can’t stop talking about them(“Yr DJ kahin main kunwara hi na mar jaun yr!”) and the target of all jokes..Sukhis are the hearts of every groups! 😀 Because as much as they have the ability to laugh on themselves, they can die for their friendships anyday!


3. Aslam

“Yr ye Aslam ka scene fit hai..aankhon me aankh daalke poetry sunata hai..haathon me haath leke taqdeer batata hai!!”

aslamThe shant, poetic and the good guy. He is the sweet one, easily approachable and I believe such people tend to keep everyone around them calm, lets call it the peace factor. Such people ensure that at least there is no fighting among the group. And the poetic feel to everything for free! 😉

4. Karan

“Mujhe degree milegi main kat lunga America. Tu jaa hi nai payega hum sab ko chodke!”

The family troubled, addicted to something(drinking/smoking/coffee), has some goals set by his family which he isn’t interested much in. But his friends are important to him coz they keep him going.


5. Rathore

            “Kimti jet udana, sexy jackets pehanna..pasand hai tujhe. Aur ladkiyan..ladkiyan to uniform walo pe marti haiii!!”

Finally, the pilot. That one friend who flies high for his dreams, but always returns to his friends. The one who advises them, proves his point and is there even when he is gone.


6. Sonia

That one girl who loves them all even though they all are super weird in one way or the other, coz when she loved Rathore, she understood his friends too. And she is precious for all of them as they are for her. Now thats a princess life, isnt it?



Together, a little bit of them is a part of each other, they knew it, just like we know it. Look back, and see who’s who and you might find instances of RDB in your life as well! 🙂


Coz “Gate dey iss taraf hum life ko nachate hai..tey duji taraf life humko nachati hai………..”