Day 14 – The “Dream”

Does life really get in the way of your “dream”?

So your childhood wishes eventually have to vanish into thin air because there are other things that come in the way?

Think about it. The dream. Your dream. Or have you stopped dreaming altogether?

I know I stopped some time back, when in my foggy head I was “busy”,  but in reality I was absolutely clueless to where I was heading. In fact, it was more or less the feeling of being half-dead, a zombie race where I did not know what I was doing!

I didn’t do anything for all that I had wished for and began to lose track – slowly and eventually, like a domino effect. I wanted to start college again, work on a select number of things that interest me, earn money through them and live happily ever after. (Yeah, that was pretty much it!)

But in the hustle of trying to do what is meant to be and what I wanted to be, my end line became a little too blurred. I just kept moving, without any definite meaning. In fact I even forgot that I used to have a dream because the constant not happening of so many things prevented me from going forward. It was like a vicious circle from which there was no easy escape. And amidst all the hustle, the dream became a lost hope, where in it was shadowed by the unlimited ifs and buts – “Perhaps, it is a bit too late. Maybe the moment is gone and so is the dream?”

And then I met a child. A 6 year old girl with a dream -to become an actress. A confident and determined dream that never seemed to look beyond the heart’s desire. Another 10 year old. He wanted to be an astronaut.

Without even realizing, instantly, these little angels brought me back from the half-dead world. Life sprang up into that child in me, who was hiding behind the heavy desk of the over analysing adult. The child who always dreamt and desired without any boundaries started dancing happily inside the practical adult, who now deeply wished to balance out both – a combination of practicality and wildness, imagination and perspective.

I now have that zeal to experiment and do things that interest me, keeping in mind the other tasks that need to be done within the limited time I have. Everyday, there is one thing crazy and one thing which keeps me sane. And I am happy. Happier than before. 🙂

Turns out, it is never too late, at least not to dream. There is always a third door. A way out. Dreams are meant to be seen and fulfilled. Weird, ambitious, funny, amazing, fascinating, fantastic – whatever they are, they should be met with the guts to pursue them. Every time, all the way!:)



Day 9 – F.A.M.I.L.Y.

There are some days which are meant to realize the greatest gift of our life, the gift of our close ones, people who are and who will be there by our side, always. I am not much of a family person, but there are a few people in my life, whom I look forward to meet every time. They just help me being who I am, just by being who they are. Compassionate. Loving. Welcoming. 🙂

It is my family I am talking about. We live together, we often have agreements and disagreements, but in the end, it is our love that keeps us so warm and welcoming towards each other. And slowly and steadily, with time, I have realized the importance of family in my life.

Our family comprises of the people we start and end our day with the selfless devotion we share for each other. We build deep and loving family relationships by doing simple things together, like family dinner and family home evening and by just having fun together.

We talk with, rather than about, each other. We learn from each other, and we appreciate our differences as well as our commonalities. We establish a divine bond with each other as we approach God together through family prayers. Every moment we spend together adds to the bond we share. Family relationships have taught me that Love is really spelled as ‘time’. 

And this is true for all relationships. Home is where all the learning begins from, the starting place which stands to define our roots. Precisely the reason for it being synonymous to peace. 🙂HappinessFamily_100WritingDays

“As you get older you find out that true happiness is not in how much you make or how many degrees you have or how big your house is or how fancy your car is. It is finding peace and joy and calmness in your life that will soon become the most important thing to you. Your family is what matters to you. Love is what matters to you. Things that are of quality, not quantity. “


Day 1 – Creating Memories

It has been a long time since I have posted anything, and I do not have any one to blame except myself. So, as the post suggests, this would be a fresh beginning, where in I would post (or at least try to post) everyday. The inspiration comes from #100HappyDays, a challenge which I took up some two weeks back and thankfully have been continuing since.

100HappyDays made me realize the importance of habits and challenges. Challenges make you take up something, anything, and push you a step ahead from your comfort zone. Slowly and steadily, without even realizing, whatever extra you do for that challenge everyday, becomes a habit. And habits, well, die hard! 🙂

But apart from the habit, there is something else, which keeps me going with the Happy Days Challenge – Creating Memories. Whenever I look back at my Instagram history, I feel a sense of happiness from the moments I captured. I created memories, maybe for a challenge, but I did, and I know that when I will look back after a year, they will still be there, reminding me of the moments I would have easily forgotten by then, the moments which made me happy at some point in life.

Life is all about memories. You breathe, you live, you meet new people, you work, you play, you love and in every little moment,  you experience a sort of old-new feeling. These experiences are what you live for. These experiences are what you cherish when you grow old. And these experiences always keep you going.

Keeping in line with the lovely experiences, I hereby, take up another interesting challenge, #100WritingDays, and who knows what memories I might create here 🙂

This Diwali, try something different!

A long day at work made me tired enough to sit through the commercials as I did not bother to get the remote. And amidst all my tiredness, I witnessed something which was not only creative, but admiringly different and to the point. It was the Big Bazaar’s new advertisement.

While the Supreme Court ruling recently refused to ban the fire crackers, (keeping in mind that it is more of a personal choice and people’s way to celebrate the festival) this ad showcases a beautiful way to make your own CHOICE and make Diwali more environment friendly! 🙂

The ad clearly makes you realize one of the important things in life, that if you want, you can find your own ways to be happy and make others happy too!

Just plug in and let the creative bulb shine! 😉

Just takes some LOVE to make it good

So, this usually happens when I have been stuck in some big shit, or been going through a messy life for a while. And all that while, on one hand I am a warrior fighting for something and on the other hand I have some lovely people for my support, who listen to all my whining and help me get out of that mess.

I want to dedicate this to them, to tell them how much I love them, how much their support has helped, without me even noticing it back then. Now when I look back, I realize that it was one of the important things which calmed me down when I was all lost and desperate to make matters worse.


And when I come back to my senses, these are the people I run to celebrate with. These people who will dance with me in my joy and be crazy with happiness when I smile. Who deep down feel happy that I made it through and hope that our LOVE, this rather beautiful bond which makes hearts melt and humans sane, always keeps us together.


And to all those people I would like to say,

Thank you so much my love. ❤  You are one of the special people in my life whom I would always cherish! Coz it just takes a little of you, to make me good.

Dedicate this to all those people who have made you feel good. Sometime. Anytime. Always. 🙂