Day 12- Don’t break the flow.

Wise and successful men have always prophesied the importance of continuous efforts. To finish what you start not in a day, but in bits and bytes everyday, in small steps that will lead you to the destination you had envisioned. It has always been the most trusted method, the one which has been tried and tested since ages – Small droplets of hard work everyday leading to the ocean of success in the end.

I am writing this because I have mostly failed at an attempt to follow this advice. I begin things and lose the momentum as I try and juggle between various tasks. I am certainly to blame for breaking the flow of my challenge of writing a post everyday. There were short trips, people I had not met for a long time, birthdays, too much work, family time and what not if I want to jot down the reason. But then, there will always be. And the truth is, I do not want to give a reason anymore.

I know it is hard to come back once you break the flow. It  has always been for me. God knows how many things I have left lingering behind as I was too lazy to continue. The inertia never let me begin. Life happened. There were things which were always in line to occupy my priority list. There were numerous excuses. Several so called important factors to weigh trying to talk me out of doing it.

Amidst all those conflicting thoughts, there has always been only one deciding factor for me. My heart. That small and little inner voice which feebly tries to tell me what to do, and gently asks me to bring down the chaos in my head and listen to it, at least once. Calmly. Clearly. Intently. Because whether I believe it or not, the little voice knows that once I know what I have to do, once I know what has to be done, there is no one on this earth who has the power to stop me, except me, myself. And some times,  I got to trust the little voice which has never betrayed me.  After all, nothing worth having is easy! 😉

Picking up the pieces from where I left. #100WritingDays.