Food is Memory. Cooking is a craft. Size does matter.

A lazy Saturday morning. Last page of unread weekly magazine. A few articles. These three separate headings, connected as dots in my head.

Think Food

Think food, and my head pops up images of several utterly delicious entities which often melt in my mouth, giving me immense sense of satisfaction and energy to go about all my tasks everyday. It is often linked to parts of my brain I do not specifically remember, but the ones that come out randomly, when I try to relate to sensations of happiness, good conversations or perhaps disappointments. Coz as much as you want the experience of eating out to be amazing, more often you end up being dissatisfied. Ahh but well, just like everything in life you gotta move on, keeping in mind places you are never going to see again and marking in your head places which are worth paying a second visit.

And while wandering on these thoughts, I remember my friend S <a self proclaimed foodie, who is never really satisfied with the food he is served, but when he is, it is eternal bliss for us :P>, his craving for chole bhature at Sitaram’s RK Ashram Marg , Upma at the little south Indian joint at Patel chowk, black coffee at Indian Coffee House, yummulicious pasta with cold coffee at NSP and all the long conversations and random plans that led us there!

I remember BYD, and that stupendous breakfast I had all by myself there once <and the fact that getting a table for one was so amazingly easy! :D> I remember Indore, Wanna Puff, the cafe with the hill view and all the food we could not resist ordering. I remember Truffles in Banaglore, and all the waiting that was worth it. That spicy kadhai paneer in the randomly chosen restuarant on a pleasant night in Coorg. That Pav Bhaji in Mumbai overflowing with butter. That Hyderabadi biryani. Those differently flavoured chutneys with the unusually lengthy dosa at Chutneys, those random mouth-watering chaats, those pancakes and hot coffee with friends on a special weekend brunch and mom ke aalo ke paranthe with unlimited supply!! Aaah!! Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like as S said once, a restaurant where they proudly place their food in front of you and say, pay only when you like the food. <Imagine! :D>

FoodExperienceWhich brings me to next point, to make food a memory it has to be crafted right? To know the craft and to be good at it. Because good cooking means good food. And this reminds me of Virginia Woolf’s – A room of one’s own which I am reading on the go these days, a book which I would funnily remember as I was so engrossed in it that I got out of the train at the right station, thinking it was the wrong one. I got lost in it at a point when she was talking about a lousy dinner and wondering how to often begin a good conversation, you need a good meal. A bad meal spoils your mood, killing your desire to talk about good subjects because all you could think of the not so good food you have just had. On the other hand, a well crafted meal has the power to make people feel heavenly, good enough to spill the words that start a thread which might enlighten the crowd.

And well about size, tiny portions of pretentious food or hearty offerings of a delightful meal? We all know the answer to that one. 😉 When I am going out to eat, that means the serving size should be good enough to make me full. It is annoying when I take my time to decide what I want but the serving size disappoints me and I have to order again. It is even more annoying to pay more for the food that does not deserve it. It should be both about the quality and the quantity that is served. As long as both these are taken care of, I am always ready to lose some extra shillings. After all, good food is like an art. You gotta relish it. 🙂

Anyway, its almost weekend, where are you heading for a dine out this time? 😉



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